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How can I tell which model my Kindle is?

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There have been many different models of Kindles produced since Amazon first released their first ereader way back in November 2007. Identifying exactly which model you have can be a challenge, especially if you threw the packaging away or have purchased it second hand.

Search the table below for the first 4 characters of your serial number to identify your exact Kindle model.

The table below details all the different models of Kindles since release and their common nicknames. There are also links to my favorite cases and accessories if you need a new case for your beloved Kindle!

Where can I find my Kindle’s Serial number?

You can find the serial number on the device itself under Settings, then Device Info. You can also find the serial number if you login to your Amazon account, then click the Account & Lists drop down menu and choose “Your Content and Devices”. This can be a bit tricky to find, you have to click on device info first and then click on the burger menu (three lines) again to see the Device Info menu item.

S/N PrefixModel NameNicknames
B001, B101Kindle 1K1
B002Kindle 2 U.S. (Sprint)K2
B003Kindle 2 International (AT&T)K2, K2I
B004Kindle DX U.S.DX
B005Kindle DX InternationalDX, DXI
B009Kindle DX GraphiteDXG
B008Kindle 3 WiFiK3, K3W
B006Kindle 3 3G + WiFi (U.S. and Canada)K3, K3G
B00AKindle 3 3G + WiFi (Europe)K3, K3GB
B00CKindle PaperWhite not for sale (FOR TESTERS)
B00EKindle 4 NoTouch Silver (2011)K4, K4S
B00FKindle Touch 3G + WiFi (Kindle 5) (U.S. and Canada) [Mostly]K5, KT
B011Kindle Touch WiFi (Kindle 5)K5, KT, K5W
B010Kindle Touch 3G + WiFi (Kindle 5) (Europe)K5, KT, K5G
B012Kindle 5 (Unknown)K5
B023, 9023Kindle 4 NoTouch Black (2012)K4, K4B
B024Kindle PaperWhite WiFiPW
B01BKindle PaperWhite 3G + WiFi (U.S.) [Mostly]PW, PWG
B020Kindle PaperWhite 3G + WiFi (Brazil)PW, PWBR
B01CKindle PaperWhite 3G + WiFi (Canada)PW, PWC
B01DKindle PaperWhite 3G + WiFi (Europe)PW, PWGB
B01FKindle PaperWhite 3G + WiFi (Japan)PW, PWJ
B0D4, 90D4Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) WiFi (U.S., Intl.)PW2
B05A, 905AKindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) WiFi (Japan)PW2, PW2J
B0D5, 90D5Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (U.S.) [Mostly]PW2, PW2G
B0D6, 90D6Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (Canada]PW2, PW2GC
B0D7, 90D7Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (Europe)PW2, PW2GB
B0D8, 90D8Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (Russia)PW2, PW2GR
B0F2, 90F2Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (Japan)PW2, PW2GJ
B017, 9017Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) WiFi (4GB) (U.S., Intl.)PW2, PW2IL
B060, 9060Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (4GB) (Europe)PW2, PW2GBL
B062, 9062Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (4GB) (U.S.) [Mostly]PW2, PW2GL
B05F, 905FKindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (4GB) (Canada)PW2, PW2GCL
B061, 9061Kindle PaperWhite 2 (2013) 3G + WiFi (4GB) (Brazil)PW2, PW2GBRL
B0C6, 90C6Kindle Basic (2014)KT2, BASIC
B0DD, 90DDKindle Basic (2014) (Australia)KT2, BASIC
B013, 9013Kindle Voyage WiFiKV
B054, 9054Kindle Voyage 3G + WiFi (U.S.)KV, KVG
B053, 9053Kindle Voyage 3G + WiFi (Europe)KV, KVGB
B02AKindle Voyage 3G + WiFi (Japan)KV, KVGJ
B052, 9052Kindle Voyage 3G + WiFi (Mexico)KV, KVGM
G090G1Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) WiFiPW3
G090G2Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) 3G + WiFi (U.S.) [Mostly]PW3, PW3G
G090G4Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) 3G + WiFi (Mexico)PW3, PW3GM
G090G5Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) 3G + WiFi (Europe, Australia)PW3, PW3GB
G090G6Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) 3G + WiFi (Canada)PW3, PW3GC
G090G7Kindle PaperWhite 3 (2015) 3G + WiFi (Japan)PW3, PW3GJ
G090KBKindle PaperWhite 3 White (2015) WiFiPW3W
G090KCKindle PaperWhite 3 White (2015) 3G + WiFi (Japan)PW3W, PW3WGJ
G090KEKindle PaperWhite 3 White (2016) 3G + WiFi (International)PW3W, PW3WGI
G090KFKindle PaperWhite 3 White (2016) 3G + WiFi (International)PW3W, PW3WGIB
G090LKKindle PaperWhite 3 Black (2016) WiFi, 32GB (Japan)PW3-32B, PW3JL
G090LLKindle PaperWhite 3 White (2016) WiFi, 32GB (Japan)PW3-32W, PW3WJL
G0B0GCKindle Oasis WiFiKOA
G0B0GDKindle Oasis 3G + WiFi (U.S.) [Mostly]KOA, KOAG
G0B0GRKindle Oasis 3G + WiFi (International)KOA, KOAGI
G0B0GUKindle Oasis 3G + WiFi (Europe)KOA, KOAGB
G0B0GTKindle Oasis 3G + WiFi (China)KOA, KOAGCN
G000K9Kindle Basic 2 (Black)KT3
G000KAKindle Basic 2 (White)KT3, KT3W
G000P8Kindle Oasis 2 WiFi 8GB (Germany, Italy, USA)KOA2, KOA2W8
G000S1Kindle Oasis 2 WiFi+3G 32GB (USA)KOA2, KOA2G32
G000SAKindle Oasis 2 WiFi 32GB (Japan, Italy, UK, USA)KOA2, KOA2W32
G000S2Kindle Oasis 2 WiFi+3G 32GB (Europe)KOA2, KOA2G32B
G000PPKindle PaperWhite 4 (2018) WiFi, 8GBPW4
G000T6Kindle PaperWhite 4 (2018) WiFi, 32GBPW4-32, PW4L
G000T1Kindle PaperWhite 4 (2018) WiFi+4G, 32GBPW4-32, PW4LG
G000T2Kindle PaperWhite 4 (2018) WiFi+4G, 32GB (Europe)PW4-32, PW4LGB
G00102Kindle PaperWhite 4 (2018) WiFi, 8GB (India)PW4, PW4IN
D01EKindle Fire (Kindle 6)
D026Kindle Fire 2
D025Kindle Fire HD 7" 16GB (Kindle 7)
D059Kindle Fire HD 7" 32GB
B0C9Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 16GB
B0CAKindle Fire HD 8.9" 32GB
B0CBKindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G 32GB
B0CCKindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G 64GB
00D2Kindle Fire HD 7" 8GB (2013)
00D3Kindle Fire HD 7" 16GB (2013)
D0FBKindle Fire HDX 7" 16GB (2013)
00A9Kindle Fire HD 6" 8 GB (2014)
G0K0Kindle Fire 7" 8 GB (5th Gen.) (2015)
G000Kindle Fire 7" 8 GB (5th Gen.) (2016)
G0W0Kindle fire 7 8 GB (7th Gen.) (2017)
G090MEKindle Fire HD 8 (7th Gen.) (2017)
What are the Amazon Model numbers on the back of the Kindle?

Each Kindle has a model number on the back in faint grey writing that is hard to read. These model numbers are hard to find, I’ve listed the model numbers in the table below for quick reference and will expand the list as I discover more. 

Identifying your Kindle by Serial Number is a much more reliable way of determining what it is but you can also get a general idea from the Amazon model number.  

The Amazon site has a page description and what the Kindle looks like, but doesn’t include the model numbers, you can find it here: Which Kindle Model do I have? (opens site in new tab)

Kindle Models by Amazon model number
GenerationModel NumberModel NameYear releasedOfficial Case
10th GenerationKindle Paperwhite2018Waterproof case
9th GenerationKindle Oasis 2017
8th GenerationSY69JLKindle Basic 2 (Black)2016
7th GenerationWP63GWKindle Basic (Black)2014
6th GenerationDP75SDIKindle PaperWhite 2 WiFi 4GB2013
5th GenerationEY21Kindle Paperwhite WiFi2012
5th GenerationD01200Kindle Touch 3G + WiFi (Kindle 5)2012
4th GenerationD01100 Kindle basic Wifi 2011
3rd Generation
2nd Generation
1st Generation