Should I repair my Kindle?

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Kindle’s are a very good choice for an e-reader (ebook), well made with a great warranty and good support. There’s a wide range of books available from Amazon as well as support for other formats of ebooks. But what about when the warranty has run out and your prized Kindle develops a fault?

There are some faults which are relatively easy to fix with a little know how or guidance. A good example would be fitting a new battery, which can be undertaken by a relative novice with some basic tools. However some of the more complex problems might not be worth fixing if you don’t have the expertise, the time or don’t enjoy tinkering with electronics. This leads us to the question:

What can I do with a broken Kindle?

What a lot of people don’t know is that Amazon offer a trade in on old Kindle devices to get a discount on a new model. Even if your Kindle is broken, most cases they will still accept it and offer you some level of discount. How awesome is that?!

How does the Kindle Trade in Program work?

There are 3 steps in the Trade-In Program:

  1. Select your Kindle model (you can find out what model you have by following my guide on the identify your Kindle page, link in the menu above)
  2. Print a label and ship it to Amazon for Free
  3. Get a voucher after it’s been appraised and 25% discount off a new Kindle! 

How much do Amazon pay you for your old Kindle?

The amount you get paid varies depending on the device and the condition, don’t expect to get a lot, especially if it’s scratched or broken. Even if it is you’ll still qualify for the discount. 

An example is a Kindle Touch 4 in good condition will get you $15 trade-in and 25% off a new Kindle, pretty good deal.

Which countries are eligible for the Trade in Program?

This was quite hard to find detail on, however it appears only the USA site offers a Trade In program.I found this statement in the Terms and Conditions: 
  • Items you submit for trade-in through the Program must be shipped only from the United States, and you must have a physical address located in the United States. Products shipped from outside the United States may not be accepted or returned.

Where can I find more details about the Kindle Trade in Program?

Full details of the program can be found on the Amazon site at this link: Amazon Kindle Trade In Program